Indian Sweets

Traditional Indian Sweets are ‘heart and soul’ of all our special occasions and festivals

As a nation with a rich history and heritage, India is a mother source of delicious food and sweets linked to celebrations. Sweets are a major component of every Indian celebration. From south to north and from east to west, Indians not just express their love through food and sweets, but without sweets no celebration is complete. Every celebration is marked by different kinds of Indian sweets. Also, various regions prepare their own unique sweet dishes for celebrations. All sweets are associated with celebrations and events

Delicious Sweets for All Occasions

All Indian celebrations include delicious food, the majority of which is sweet. From the massive mix of Diwali desserts like Laddu, Kaju Barfi, and Gulab Jamun, to the Guijiya enjoyed on Holi and the Modaks that are served at Ganesh Chaturthi , to Rasgulla to celebrate Durga Pooja and many more.

According to tradition,tThere is a belief of the first offering of prasad to the Gods and, after that, to everyone else. Pure, unadulterated food is presented for the Gods. This is why Indian mithai that contains sugar, ghee, and milk as the primary fixings (all of which are satvik) is usually the anointed one. Since all of the ingredients that go into creating desserts is free of any additives along the same lines, they are seen as safe to offer to Gods in the temples. This is why the ritual has been passed down through the ages. From the ancient rituals of believing mithai as pure and giving it to other people before self-consumption, Indian desserts are found in every aspect that is good.

Sweets will make your party complete

Indians do not believe in eating desserts for themselves, but they want others to enjoy their desserts too. It doesn’t matter whether one is blessed with a child or bought a new vehicle, or a new house, every occasion calls for the mouth-watering boxes of sweets that everyone is so fond of. It is seen as an act of adoration and gratitude to people. Apart from wedding ceremonies, Indian celebrations consistently call for desserts. Without sweets there is no celebrations..

Diwali isn’t as spectacular and Holi is certain to be less bright without those delicious desserts served on the table. Like every other celebration, it is a feast for desserts. The essence of the celebration can be destroyed without the mouthwatering, delicious desserts. There aren’t the best choices, but we’ve picked some well-known desserts. We’ll share some plans for these desserts that will help in praising the next celebration.

It is not possible to have an Indian celebration without the delicious mithai box. They are the heart of any wedding’s capacity. “Mu mitha kijiye” is an extremely well-known speech among people who are older in the family. The idea is to express satisfaction to the family members with desserts. Therefore, with this ancient tradition of considering that mithai should be pure and unadulterated, as well as a gift to God that is why mithai is served to every one of the guests at weddings as a small gesture of joy for coming to an extremely joyful event. Few people are aware of the reason behind giving desserts in boxes for guests at weddings today and a variety of desserts could be eaten as chocolates, cupcakes and even new, innovative Indian sweets organizations that influence the sweet part of the celebration, using modern but traditional mithai.