Corn Chivda 250 Gms

Corn Chivda is a sweet symphony of various ingredients to create a magical taste in your mouth. It contains corn flakes, dry fruits, spices, dry coconut flakes, peanuts, salt, and oil. The crunchiness of the corn, the sweetness of dry fruits, and the flaky coconuts create an unforgettable experience to your palate. This well-balanced mixture is a feast to your mouth and can please any over demanding taste bud. It persuades you always to give into the temptation and have another spoonful of the mixture. A perfect dish to balance out the sweetness of any dessert or to be eaten just for time pass.

Ingredients – Corn Flakes, Refined Palmolein Oil, Salt, Dry Fruits, Spices, Dry Coconut Flakes, Peanuts


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