Green Chilli Chivda 250 Gms

A spicy, crunchy, rice flakes mixture especially pleasing to people who love a little more spice in their snacks. Green Chilli Chivda is prepared with rice flakes along with other ingredients like palmolein oil, salt, dry fruits, spices, dry coconut flakes, peanuts, and turmeric powder. The crackly, crisp rice flakes along with the crunchy dry fruits and peanuts make this mixture a treat to your palate. It has a spicy and salty taste combined with a refreshing aroma to satiate your taste buds. A hygienic packaging to deliver you a safe and neat snack is our utmost goal. A perfect snack to munch on while passing time leisurely.

Ingredients – Rice Flakes, Refines Palmolein Oil, Salt, Dry Fruits, Spices, Dry Coconut Flakes, Peanuts, Turmeric Powder


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